Other Amber Colors

Blue amber is the rarest, but only a small part of the amber found in the Dominican Republic. Dominican amber can be found in many colors. The “amber” amber, yellow and honey colored amber are common. But, there is also red and green, even the black. We don’t have the cream color or white you will find in the Baltic countries.

According to renown scientists, Dominican amber is 20 to 40 million years old. (see:  Study by Dr. George O. Poinar Jr., an entomologist at the University of California at Berkeley, with Dr. Raul J. Cano of the California Polytechnic Institute at San Luis Obispo, Dr. David W. Roubik of the Smithsonian Institution, and Hendrik N. Poinar, New York Times, October 29, 2006.)

But we can guarantee that all of our amber is natural, the way it is found in our mines, just cut and polished. We have not “enhanced” it or changed it in any way like heat treated to produce the different colors or made transparent by boiling oil or heated up and cooled down to produce the “sun spangles” (flints) and melted and cleared in vacuum chambers (autoclaved). There is nothing against these methods used in the Baltic’s as long as the customer is made aware of it.

In fact, if you are interested in lower priced amber, even know someone who can sell you modified Colombian Copal -often called “Caribbean Amber“- for a reasonable price, always informing the customer in a fair way what he is about to buy. There is also much information about what should be considered Natural Amber at http://naturalamber.com.

different Dominican amber colors Whatever color of Dominican amber you need, please let us know. If it has been found on this island, we know about it and will be able to offer to you best price.

All Dominican amber colors in one stone