First in Blue Amber

We started our operation at the beginning of the century when Dominican blue amber was little known. We were the first to offer it on the world wide web. We could convince the world that blue Dominican amber is 100 % natural, and that we sell it as such. Of course, meanwhile, your will find other sites offering this unique treasure and there was bluish amber also found in Indonesia and in Mexico. Nevertheless, based on the long-time experience, we have best contacts to the mines and miners as well as cutters and carvers and -of course- best recommendations from our clients. Please read some of our customer’s testimonials.

I have received the parcel yesterday and what can I say as usual it’s beautiful.
When you know some one very far from you and there is a strong trust between you this means friendship, I’m really like to deal with you because you are honest, nice, clear, advisable and have very good product. So it’s normal to continue business with you till to date which have been started from 2005. Years of trust, years of satisfaction, years of friendship, years of good business. We have to enjoy life and the beautiful gifts from the creator.
Thank you, for everything.
H.S.A Qatar

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