Buy Blue Amber

We either have, source or produce for you blue amber pieces of all kinds. Stock always depends what is found in the mines. Therefore prices are flexible and the market is constantly changing. We have our contacts directly into the mines and are partners in some of them. Therefore we are always aware of what is available and are your best source. Please contact us or go directly to our Blue Amber Catalog.

Flat blue amber beads

Our Dominican Blue Amber is natural amber, the way it comes from the mines – without enhancement in any way. We also produce beads of different quality, cabochons, free size beads and nuggets as well as whole sets for different applications like worry beads, necklaces and bracelets. You will find much of that information on our sister site

In some months, due to the climate or vacation time, mines are closed. Some customers let us know their needs ahead of time and we reserve a stock exclusively for them to cause no interruption in their factory lines.

Due to a constant movement we don’t have much stock laying around, but even for items you don’t see on our Blue Amber Catalog, our delivery times are rather short because we don’t depend on one single mine. Beginning of the century we were the only ones who promoted blue amber internationally and therefore we have more experience than any of the newcomers you will find on the market these days.