About us

“At Santiago, in San Domingo, in the valley of the brook Acagua, amber pieces, some as large as the egg of a goose, reward the explorer.”

J.G. Haddow, 1891
Amber – All about it.

We started our operation directly in Jacagua (Acagua) north of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros at the foot of the mountain range where Dominican Amber is found, in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic. We have been specializing in the extremely rare version, the BLUE amber.

We only wholesale
Therefore you will not find an open product catalog on our web site. For professional inquiries, please contact us indicating your activities. 

We are a privately owned operation.
We buy directly at the location to have best prices for best quality, which we carefully select for you. We use our contacts to provide to you the best blue amber available. We are your direct link. We have been operating in the amber business since the beginning of the century.

is one of the most difficult commodities to get. And yet, this is what we offer. Besides the products.
Service is our way of working in partnership with you, providing the best support in communication and information. Due to over 40 years of international business experience, we understand the importance of fastest possible response time.