Is it AMBER or BLUE?

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Blue amber on black and white

Blue amber is blue, but not the way you might think. When sunlight strikes the Blue Amber on a white surface the light particles pass right through and are refracted by the white surface. The result: the Blue amber looks almost like any other Dominican amber, only with a slight blue hue. But on a black surface, the light particles can’t refract, so it is the Amber that refracts, and the hydrocarbons in the Blue Amber turn the sun’s ultraviolet light into blue light particles. The result: the famous blue glow of Blue Amber. Find more information at

Maybe you wonder why have only a few heard about natural Blue Amber from the Dominican Republic? Very simple: There is extremely little of it and in its AAA quality it is more rare and sometimes more expensive than gold and diamonds. As a result, Blue Amber is a very exclusive material for high-quality jewelry.

Even when the mining and sale of Dominican amber began in the sixties and seventies of the last century, for a long time BLUE Amber was only a Collector’s item known to a selected few. Matter of fact, up to this date not even the common Dominican citizen has heard of it. And we were the ones that made it known to the world.

Rough blue amber

We have rough blue amber, polished blue amber – blue amber beads. We have from ultra-blue to the sky-blue and everything in between.  We have AAA quality, AA and A as well as low priced categories. And we don’t only have BLUE Amber, but also Dominican amber of all other colors available.

How is Blue Amber graded? Color, purity and size. In some cultures, purity is the most important and they consider a clean sky-blue the most desirable. But two factors in setting prices and both fluctuate radically: availability and color.

Blue Amber MIning
Blue Amber Mining

There is also blue amber in other regions of the world, like Indonesia and even Australia, but not with the lucent Dominican quality. Therefore, availability is one of the most critical factors for price and quantity.

This makes it often difficult to please customers since we are bound by nature’s limitations. But, we do our best to satisfy our customers. Just let us know your needs.

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International Colored Gemstone Association
International Colored Gemstone Association